Question: How Big Is FedEx Extra Large Box?

Will a large FedEx box fit in the drop box?

Big box.

No problem.

All drop boxes are designed to accept packages up to 20″x 12″ x 6″.

Drop boxes fit your schedule with 24/7 drop-off for FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® and FedEx SmartPost® shipments..

How big is FedEx large box?

FedEx Box – Large Inside dimensions: 17.88″ x 12.38″ x 3″ (45.40 cm x 31.43 cm x 7.62 cm). Maximum weight allowed: 20 lbs.

What size are FedEx boxes?

Standard boxes available in-store at FedEx OfficeDimensionsPrice for box onlyPrice with packing8″ x 8″ x 8″ box$1.75$4.9912″ x 3″ x 17-1/2″ box$2.25N/A12″ x 12″ x 18″ box$3.75$8.9913″ x 9″ x 11″ box$2.75$6.9913 more rows

Is FedEx or ups cheaper for large packages?

If your item is heavier than 5 lbs, try to fit everything into a USPS flat rate large box. Otherwise, Fedex and UPS will be cheaper for heavier packages.

Are FedEx boxes large?

There are twelve FedEx Express white packaging options to choose from, including envelopes, paks, tubes, and boxes ranging in size from small to extra large. Packaging is available at no extra cost for use with FedEx Express parcel shipments.