Question: How Do You Use Prescription In A Sentence?

What is a sentence for prescription?

Examples of prescription in a Sentence The drug is only sold with a prescription.

I have to pick up my prescription..

How do you use purchase in a sentence?

Purchase sentence examplesThey would purchase a few things for Christmas tomorrow. … Post Office beyond the purchase of the rights. … with the purchase by Henry VIII. … Later he took her to town to purchase a car. … It was presumptuous of him to purchase them. … His greatest work in this period was the purchase of Alaska from Russia, in 1867.More items…

What does it mean when a sentence is prescribed?

1a : to lay down as a guide, direction, or rule of action : ordain. b : to specify with authority.

What does prescribe mean?

verb (used with object), pre·scribed, pre·scrib·ing. to lay down, in writing or otherwise, as a rule or a course of action to be followed; appoint, ordain, or enjoin. Medicine/Medical. to designate or order the use of (a medicine, remedy, treatment, etc.).

What is purchase in simple words?

From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Purchasing is the buying of goods or services. An item that has been bought is called a purchase. The opposite of a purchase is a sale. In common usage, the shorter word “buy” is typically used when shopping, rather than the word “purchase”.

What is purchase example?

Purchase is defined as to obtain something by paying for it. An example of to purchase is to buy food at the grocery store. … An example of a purchase is a pair of pants for which someone paid $10.

What does it mean to purchase something?

noun. acquisition by the payment of money or its equivalent; buying, or a single act of buying. something that is purchased or bought. something purchased, with respect to value in relation to price; buy: At three for a dollar they seemed like a good purchase.

How do you read a prescription?

On your eyeglasses prescription, the information for your right eye (OD) comes before the information for your left eye (OS). Eye doctors write prescriptions this way because when they face you, they see your right eye on their left (first) and your left eye on their right (second).

What is another word for prescription?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for prescription, like: prescript, formula, medical recipe, prescribed remedy, medicine, canon, decree, edict, institute, law and ordinance.

How do you use prescribed in a sentence?

A lease terminates at the expiration of the prescribed term. She wrenched open the medicine cabinet for the most powerful of the drugs Dr. Mallard prescribed for her and slammed the cabinet shut.

What is ownership by prescription?

Prescription is the process of acquiring rights and in particular obtaining a good title to land as a result of the passage of time. The reasoning behind this is that a person who has enjoyed ‘quiet and uninterrupted’ possession of land for a long period of time with a registered title should be granted a right to it.

What does prescribed format mean?

More Definitions of Prescribed Form Prescribed Form means such electronic format accompanied by such identifying information as shall be prescribed by the MSRB and which shall be in effect on the date of filing of such information.

What is difference between proscribe and prescription?

To prescribe is to recommend and to proscribe is to forbid. One little letter makes a big difference.

What does proscribed mean?

verb (used with object), pro·scribed, pro·scrib·ing. to denounce or condemn (a thing) as dangerous or harmful; prohibit. to put outside the protection of the law; outlaw. to banish or exile.

How do you write a prescription?

How to Write a Prescription in 4 PartsPatient’s name and another identifier, usually date of birth.Medication and strength, amount to be taken, route by which it is to be taken, and frequency.Amount to be given at the pharmacy and number of refills.Signature and physician identifiers like NPI or DEA numbers.

What is prescribed by law mean?

The limit will be prescribed by law within the meaning of s. 1 if it is expressly provided for by statute or regulation, or results by necessary implication from the terms of a statute or regulation or from its operating requirements. The limit may also result from the application of a common law rule.

What does proscribed mean in law?

to condemn or forbid as harmful or unlawfulLegal Definition of proscribe : to condemn or forbid as harmful or unlawful.

What does bombarded mean?

verb (used with object) to attack or batter with artillery fire. to attack with bombs. to assail vigorously: to bombard the speaker with questions. Physics. to direct high energy particles or radiations against: to bombard a nucleus. SEE MORE.