Question: How Much Is Eurostar With Interrail Pass?

Is the Eurostar included in the Interrail pass?


If you have a Interrail Global Pass, you can travel on the Eurostar high-speed train connecting London with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

A seat reservation is mandatory for this train and can be made up to 6 months in advance..

How do I book an Interrail pass on Eurostar?

Go to, hover over Plan & book then click Interrail train passes. 2. Then scroll down to THALYS AND EUROSTAR PASS FARE and click Book your Thalys or Eurostar pass fare now.

How much is a Eurostar pass?

Since rail passes cost roughly $79 per trip, you can’t beat booking individual tickets in advance.

How much money do I need for Interrailing?

By averaging all basic daily expenses (hostels, transportation, food) during the 25 days, I calculated the Average Basic Daily Budget (ABDB). My Interrail had an ABDB of 50 Euros per day. Note that I didn’t spend 50 Euros every single day of the trip.