Question: What Is Another Word For Clinch?

What does just so mean?

phrase [usually verb-link PHRASE] If things are just so, they are done or arranged exactly as they should be or exactly as someone wants them..

What’s the meaning of cringe?

to feel disgustEnglish Language Learners Definition of cringe : to feel disgust or embarrassment and often to show this feeling by a movement of your face or body. : to make a sudden movement from fear of being hit or hurt. See the full definition for cringe in the English Language Learners Dictionary. cringe.

Is a cinch meaning?

The definition of a cinch is something that is very easy to do, or that is a sure thing. Very simple math problems are an example of something that would be described as a cinch. When someone is sure to win a prize, this is an example of a time when he is a cinch to win.

What is the meaning of clinch?

1 : to hold an opponent (as in boxing) at close quarters with one or both arms. 2 : to hold fast or firmly. clinch. noun.

What is another word for purposely?

Similar words for purposely: deliberately (adverb) designedly (adverb) intentionally (adverb) deliberately (adverb)

What does assuredly mean?

1 : without a doubt : certainly. 2 : in an assured manner : confidently.

What is a clinch argument?

​clinch something to succeed in achieving or winning something. to clinch an argument/a deal/a victory.

How do you use the word clutch?

1 : to grasp or hold with or as if with the hand or claws usually strongly, tightly, or suddenly He clutched his chest and appeared to be in pain. b : a lever (such as a pedal) operating such a clutch Depress the clutch to change gears.

What’s another word for clutch?

SYNONYMS FOR clutch 2 grasp, clasp, hold, clench; hug.

What word is exactly?

adverb. in an exact manner; precisely; accurately. in every respect; just: He will do exactly what he wants.

What is the opposite of clutching?

What is the opposite of clutching?abandoningdisbelievinglooseninglosingmisunderstandingofferingrejectingreleasingstoppingunfastening4 more rows

What is another name for Clinch?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for clinch, like: secure, close, confirm, sew-up, clamp, grip, decide, fasten, hold, bind and clench.

What can I say instead of exactly?


What does grapple mean?

verb (used without object), grap·pled, grap·pling. to seize another, or each other, in a firm grip, as in wrestling; clinch. to engage in a struggle or close encounter (usually followed by with): He was grappling with a boy twice his size.

What does clutching mean?

to seize with or as with the hands or claws; snatch: The bird swooped down and clutched its prey with its claws. to grip or hold tightly or firmly: She clutched the child’s hand as they crossed the street. Slang. to spellbind; grip a person’s emotions, attention, or interest: Garbo movies really clutch me.