Quick Answer: Can You Drink Alcohol On German Trains?

Is drinking on trains illegal?

However, train operators may opt to run “dry” trains, meaning passengers cannot bring alcohol on board nor consume it..

Are trains expensive in Germany?

Taking trains in Germany can be expensive, though most locals don’t pay the full fare. For those traveling within Germany for a longer period of time, consider one of Deutsche Bahn’s annual discount cards, which provide either 25%, 50%, or 100% off of the cost of all train tickets purchased within one year.

Can you eat in German trains?

Eating on German Trains All ICE trains have a restaurant wagon where you can sit down and receive table service. It’s not a Michelin-starred restaurant, but you can eat plenty well on the train.

Why is beer so cheap in Germany?

Why is beer cheaper than water in Germany? … Historically, beer was often cheaper than water because many pubs and restaurants would be under exclusive supply contracts with breweries (often in combination with a lease of equipment and/or the location).

Is alcohol cheap in Germany?

In Germany, the price of alcohol in relation to the general costs of living is among the lowest in Europe.

Can you drink on German trains?

Some private train companies have an alcohol Ban but on regular DB trains (ICE for instance) you are still allowed to consume alcohol. And yes, you may bring your own.

Can you drink alcohol on European trains?

Eurostar has quietly banned passengers from bringing any spirits onboard its trains. In a change to alcohol allowances, passengers are now limited to just one bottle of wine or four cans of beer each, and no spirits are permitted onboard.

Can you drink alcohol in public in Germany?

Drinking in Public Unlike in many other countries, drinking alcohol and especially beer in public is not only legal but very common in Germany. … That’s why you can easily see workers with a can or a bottle of beer in their hand walking home or riding the bus and nobody will probably care.

Is there a bar on the Eurostar?

If you’re in Standard Premier or Business Premier, we’ll serve a meal and drinks at your seat. … If you’re travelling in Standard, you can pop along to Café Métropole, our onboard bar buffet, to pick up drinks, snacks and meals en route.

Do they serve alcohol on Eurostar?

Although you can bring alcohol with you and we serve alcohol on board, safety is our top priority. So, please drink in moderation. If you behave in an antisocial way which ruins the journey for other passengers or break any laws or by-laws, we might ask you to leave the train at the nearest station.

Is there duty free on Eurostar?

Is there such thing as Duty Free on Eurostar? Related: What are the most popular tours in Paris? Yes, there are shops at both Waterloo and Gare du Nord once you get past security.