Quick Answer: How Much Is Paul Harvey Worth?

Who said and thats the rest of the story?

Paul Harvey AurandtPaul Harvey Aurandt (4 September 1918 – 28 February 2009) was an American radio broadcaster, famous for his idiosyncratic delivery of news stories with dramatic pauses, quirky intonations, and many of his standard lead-ins and sign offs.

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When did Paul Harvey stop broadcasting?

2001Mr. Harvey had been forced off the air for several months in 2001 because of a virus that weakened a vocal cord. But he returned to work in Chicago and was still active as he passed his 90th birthday. His death comes less than a year after that of his wife and longtime producer, Lynne.

What is Paul Harvey Jr doing now?

Harvey Jr. gave up a career as a concert pianist and composer to join the family business (his mother, Angel, produces “Paul Harvey News and Comment”). But though he occasionally fills in on his father’s newscasts, Harvey says he has no plans to replace his 75-year-old dad.

Can you still listen to Paul Harvey?

For more than five decades the most listened-to voice in America belonged to Paul Harvey. Now it will be heard again on WGN 720-AM — longtime Chicago flagship of his vast radio empire. … Depending on how they’re received, the rebroadcasts could continue indefinitely on WGN or even expand to national syndication.

Is Paul Harvey married?

Lynne Cooper Harveym. 1940–2008Paul Harvey/Spouse

What would Paul Harvey say?

Harvey was also known for the catchphrases that he used at the beginning of his programs, such as “Hello Americans, this is Paul Harvey. Stand by for NEWS!” He always ended, “Paul Harvey … Good day.” or “Paul Harvey …

How do you listen to the rest of the story?

Listen to Paul Harvey and the Rest of the Story now. To play this content, you’ll need the Spotify app.

Who wrote the rest of the story?

Paul Harvey Jr.Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story/AuthorsFrom the Inside Flap Now, in Paul Harvey’s The Rest Of The Story you’ll find eighty-two astonishing true stories of the famous and infamous, the outrageous and the unknown. Each unforgettable tale has for its startling punch line the wild and wonderful solution to a real-life mystery.

Where can I listen to Paul Harvey?

Paul Harvey Podcast | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts.

What was Paul Harvey’s famous line?

Every day he’d begin a broadcast was one of his catchphrases, “Hello, Americans! I’m Paul Harvey.” Then after he started his story, before the next break he’d say, “In a moment….

How did Paul Harvey sign off?

Paul Harvey dies at 90; radio personality known for his distinctive delivery. Radio personality Paul Harvey, seen in 1952, greeted listeners with his trademark telegraphic delivery punctuated by his patented pauses: “Hello, Americans! … [pause] Stand by for news!” He’d end each broadcast with his signature: “Paul Harvey.

Does Paul Harvey have a son?

Paul Harvey Jr.Paul Harvey/Sons