Quick Answer: What Does A Battery Disconnect Do?

How does RV battery disconnect work?

The battery disconnect switch for RV cuts off the electrical power between your batteries and the RV.

Flipping the switch helps protect against electrical fires and theft when your RV equipment isn’t being used.

It’s also important to shut off the power as a safety measure when you’re doing maintenance..

Should Battery Disconnect be on or off?

The disconnect should be turned off when you store your camper so your batteries discharge more slowly. Mind you, they’ll still discharge spontaneously over the course of several weeks, but with the switch off it’ll take longer. Using your disconnect switch in this way ensures longer life for your batteries.

Where is the battery disconnect switch?

What Does a Disconnect Do? As implied by the name, an RV battery disconnect switch provides you with a simple way to cut off the main RV circuit from your battery. Typically, this switch is located near your battery inside the battery compartment, but it may also be in a nearby maintenance bay.

Can a battery disconnect switch go bad?

So yes, they do fail. On the DC side of things, many of the disconnect switches are actually relays located somewhere else, so there are multiple points of failure. The disconnect switch at the door could work fine, but the relay (under the hood or where ever) might not respond properly.