Quick Answer: What Is The Value Of A 2010 Lexus Es350?

Is 2010 Lexus ES 350 a good car?

The 2010 Lexus ES is no sport sedan, but it offers one of the most supple rides and plush interiors among all 2010 midsize sedans.

The ES 350 is a top choice for anyone looking for a comfortable cruiser..

What is a 2009 Lexus ES 350 worth?

2009 Lexus ES 350 Value – $3,196-$9,059 | Edmunds.

Is Kelley Blue Book accurate?

Is Kelly Blue Book accurate? The short answer is no. … Sometimes it takes a while for the information to get to KBB and reported in their pricing charts. In order to post prices they use an algorithm that takes prices posted on Autotrader which is the most widely used car selling site on the internet (and owned by KBB).

Can you negotiate a used car price?

Today, many shoppers negotiate for a used car by requesting quotes via email or even texting the owner. … Get the numbers: Look up the car’s current market value. Make the right opening offer: Keep your offer low, but realistic. Make a counteroffer: Sweeten the deal, but not too much.

Is the Lexus ES 350 a reliable car?

Should I Buy the Lexus ES? You should definitely consider the 2021 Lexus ES if you’re shopping for a luxury midsize car. The ES is comfortable to drive, and it boasts a sterling reputation for reliability. Its relatively low $39,900 starting price makes it a good value in this segment as well.

Is the 2011 Lexus ES 350 a good car?

The 2011 Lexus ES 350 delivers a refined and serene driving experience. The V6 engine is smooth and sufficiently powerful, and if you’re not particularly interested in sporty dynamics, the ES 350’s isolated and soft ride will be to your liking.

How much is a Lexus ES 350 worth?

The value of a used 2020 Lexus ES 350 ranges from $31,603 to $41,507, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Should I buy a Lexus ES 350?

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2020 Lexus ES – The Pros. The ES 350 is quite powerful when it comes to its acceleration. While the 300h does not equal the 350’s power, the 350 puts up a pretty good showing. It is equipped with a 3.5-L V6 engine, which generates an impressive 302 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque.

How many miles does a Lexus engine last?

With the above care, unless you live in the rust belt, you will be on your way to 400,000 miles of happy ownership. There is a very long list of luxury cars that become unreliable after 100,000 miles and very expensive to keep running. Your Lexus does not fit in that category! My ES300 has 140k, and it’s doing fine.

How much is a 2010 Lexus worth?

2010 Lexus RX 350 Value – $6,319-$13,175 | Edmunds.

How many miles will a 2010 Lexus rx350 last?

The RX 350 shares the same engine with a lot of Toyota cars and SUVs, you have Camry, Avalon, Highlander etc. and those can go more than 200,000 miles EASY.

What is my used car worth?

The Kelley Blue Book® Private Party Value is the starting point for negotiation of a used-car sale between a private buyer and seller. This is an “as is” value that does not include any warranties. The final sales price depends on the car’s actual condition and local market factors.

Should I buy a Lexus with high mileage?

You should buy a Lexus, but not with high mileage unless you know a lot and can work on used cars. The savings you will get by buying high mileage cars will not be worth it. Having said that, there is no car on the planet that is more reliable than Lexus LS, especially LS400 and LS430.

How do you buy good used cars?

So we’ve created a list of steps to help make finding and buying your perfect used car a breeze.How Much Car Can You Afford?Build a Target List of Used Vehicles.Check Prices.Locate Used Cars for Sale in Your Area.Check the Vehicle History Report.Contact the Seller.Test-Drive the Car.Have the Car Inspected.More items…

What does Lexus ES stand for?

Executive/Elegant SedanThe ES stands for Executive/Elegant Sedan.

What year Lexus RX is most reliable?

The best years to consider for the Lexus RX 350 So, you should avoid the 2007 and 2008 model years. You may be wondering which model years are on the opposite end of the spectrum. The Lexus RX 350 years that seemed to have the fewest complaints include 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.