Quick Answer: Why Is My Waze App Not Talking?

Why is WAZE not working on iPhone?

Fix for iOS First, turn on Location Services for your Waze app.

Go to your iPhone’s Settings, then Privacy, and then select Location Services and then toggle it off.

Hard reset your iPhone.

Go to Settings, Privacy and then Location services and turn it back on..

Is Waze currently down?

Check all waze.com outages. Waze.com is UP and reachable by us.

Who owns the Waze app?

GoogleEver since Google acquired Waze, the popular community-powered navigation app, for a cool $1.2 billion in 2013, there’s been speculation that the tech behemoth would one day pull the plug on the plucky GPS tool with over 100 million active monthly users.

Why is Google Maps not talking to me on my iPhone?

On iPhone go to Settings. Scroll down to Maps and touch. Scroll down to Driving and Navigation and touch. Scroll down to Navigation and Voice Volume and ensure that Loud Volume is checked.

How do I get my iPhone maps to talk?

How to Enable Voice Navigation in Apple Maps on iPhoneOpen the “Settings” app on the iPhone and go to “Maps” settings.Go to the “Driving & Navigation” settings.Look for the “Navigation Voice Volume” setting and choose ‘Loud Volume’, ‘Normal Volume’, or ‘Low Volume’ to re-enable voice navigation in Apple Maps for iOS.More items…•

How do I get sound back on Waze?

Scroll down the Settings menu and select “Sound.” Find this icon beneath “Display Settings” and above “Navigation.” Adjust the volume. There should be a sliding bar next to “Prompts volume.” Slide to the left to decrease volume, and slide to the right to increase volume.

Why is my navigation app not talking?

Fix voice navigation problems Make sure that your phone or tablet’s volume is on and not muted. After you start navigation, turn your volume up. Start navigation.

Why is my Waze app not working?

Reinstall Waze app. If nothing seems working, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. From the home screen, tap and hold on the Waze app icon.

How do I activate WAZE voice?

Learn how to enable/disable this feature below.Tap Search , then Settings.Tap Voice & sound.Tap Waze voice.Choose any voice that has Including street names underneath the title to turn on directions with street names. To turn it off, simply choose any voice guidance that doesn’t have Including street names.

Why does my Waze app keep closing?

Reboot your phone or do the forced restart. There are times when applications crash due to a minor firmware glitch. This problem may not be more than just a glitch in the app or the system but whether it’s this or that, you can always fix it by doing the forced reboot procedure.

Why isn’t my Google Maps speaking to me?

Open Google Maps. Go to Settings > Navigation settings > Voice level. Choose Guidance volume (Softer, Normal, or Louder). If you’re using Bluetooth earbuds, make sure to enable Play voice over Bluetooth.