What Is Infiniti InTouch Services?

What does Infiniti InTouch do?

INFINITI InTouch™ offers peace of mind with Safety & Security services.

Simply press the SOS button to speak with a live Response Specialist in case of an emergency.

If your air bags deploy, INFINITI will automatically connect you to an agent who can dispatch response services..

How much is Infiniti InTouch services?

INFINITI InTouch Services Premier is complimentary for the first 12 months and then costs $12.99 per month for the next four years. After four years, the cost is $24.98. INFINITI InTouch Services Premier includes all the features of INFINITI InTouch Services Select as well as the following: Connected search.

How do I activate Infiniti in touch?

Register your account on the INFINITI InTouch owner portal. Make sure you have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and PIN number provided by the dealer handy. Choose a security PIN* and then simply activate the INFINITI InTouch Mobile and INFINITI InTouch Services packages* to start enjoying your free trial.

Can Infiniti unlock my car?

Unlike your key fob – which only works when it’s a short distance from your vehicle – INFINITI InTouch™ Services can lock or unlock your vehicle from virtually anywhere, so long as your device is connected to the internet.

How do I play music from my phone to my Infiniti?

It’s so easy to get started with the INFINITI Bluetooth audio streaming system….Setting Up Bluetooth Audio Streaming in Your INFINITIEnable Bluetooth by pressing the SETTING button and then touching BLUETOOTH.Tap CONNECT DEVICE and then ADD NEW from the same menu.More items…•

Can I track my Infiniti?

My Car Finder helps you find your parked INFINITI vehicle from any location, at any time. The device communicates through a celluar network. Connection and signal strength may vary and be limited by location. To access My Car Finder, log in to the INFINITI InTouch Services app or MyINFINITI Owners Portal.

What car manufacturer makes Infiniti?

NissanNissan is a Japanese automaker, and INFINITI is their luxury brand. For that reason, some INFINITI vehicles are based on Nissan’s lineup. However, they are heavily revised and have many more luxury features.

Can you update Infiniti software?

All updates are available at the INFINITI Navigation Store. My apps are taking a while to download to the vehicle.

What is Infiniti InTouch system?

INFINITI InTouch™ integrates navigation, convenience, security and entertainment into a dash-mounted state-of-the-art system. … Please refer to the System Availability & Compare section of the INFINITI InTouch website.

Can I start my Infiniti from my phone?

Remote Engine Start/Stop allows you to remotely start or stop your vehicle through the INFINITI InTouch Services app or MyINFINITI Owners Portal. You can remotely start your vehicle before you leave home or work in advance to return it to a comfortable temperature.

Can Alexa start my Infiniti?

Remote Access to Vehicle via the Amazon Alexa Skill Control your INFINITI by performing remote commands from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the luxury of connected convenience by using Amazon Alexa to lock your vehicle, turn off your lights, and much more.

Does Infiniti have WIFI?

Enjoy 1 GB or 30 days of complimentary Wi-Fi service (whichever comes first) of INFINITI InTouch with Wi-Fi Hotspot on equipped new INFINITI vehicles, and connect up to seven Wi-Fi enabled devices at once.